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Drinking Water

Municipal Water Supplies

Approximately 60% of Nova Scotians receive treated drinking water from central groundwater or surface water supplies operated by municipal water utilities. Municipal water utilities are responsible for the delivery of water in accordance with provincial standards and for meeting their requirements for due diligence – making sure the water they deliver is properly managed and protected.

Approvals and Responsibilities

Nova Scotia Environment has published a guide on Developing a Municipal Source Water Protection Plan. The document Designation of a Protected Water Area was developed to help municipalities and the general public better understand the potential role of designation in a municipal source water protection plan.

Our page on water withdrawal approvals has more information on how to apply for a surface water or groundwater withdrawal approval.

Our page on municipal water approvals has more information on the issuing of approvals for the construction and operation of water treatment and distribution facilities.

If you are planning any activities in these areas please contact the contact the appropriate municipal water utility: Municipal Drinking Water Supplies of Nova ScotiaPDF Download Link (PDF:1.1mb).

Municipal Water Utility Oversight

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board and Nova Scotia Environment have published a guide on municipal water utility oversight.

The guide was developed to help municipalities better understand their roles and responsibilities under the Public Utilities Act (administered by the Board) and the Environment Act (administered by Nova Scotia Environment).


Sampling, Testing and Interpretation