1-800-9LABOUR: Workplace and technical safety information services

Call 1-800-9LABOUR if you see something unsafe or have questions about safety at work or in a public place in relation to technical equipment. The line is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1-800-9LABOUR is an information line you can call to get safety information or to report a safety concern you see at work. You can also report safety concerns you see in public if they relate to technical equipment (like elevators and lifts, fuel equipment and cranes).

We’ll prioritize calls based on how serious and urgent the subject is. Calls that involve imminent danger or serious incidents will be given high priority.

If you’re calling about a workplace, you should follow the workplace’s internal safety protocols. This could mean talking to your supervisor or safety committee.

When you should call

You can call to request services, ask for information or report workplace health and safety issues or public space issues in relation to technical equipment. Examples of when to call include when:

  • you or a co-worker is at risk of being hurt on the job, or has been hurt
  • you’re reporting an injury on a piece of technical equipment in a public space (like an elevator, lift or amusement ride)
  • you have questions about a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, or need help starting one
  • you have concerns about COVID-19 in the workplace
  • you have questions about safety or training in the workplace
  • you have questions about licences, certificates or permits for technical equipment (including elevators, lifts and amusements, fuel safety, boiler and pressure vessel, power engineering and crane operators)
  • you have questions about occupational health and safety, technical safety or the relevant acts and regulations

All calls are confidential. If you’re reporting an incident or concern, it’s helpful if you provide as much information as possible, including the 4 W’s: who was involved, what happened, when did it happen and where?

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