Regional Services

The Department of Agriculture has six offices clustered in two regions (Eastern and Western) across the province to provide services to farmers. Visit one of our regional offices to:

  • Discuss your new farm or food business venture or plans to develop your existing business;
  • Learn more about support available to farm and food businesses in Nova Scotia, including production advice, training, and programs available to farmers;
  • Ask questions about regulations that may apply to your farm or food business;
  • Receive farm or food business coaching;
  • Find out about leadership development opportunities available to youth and rural organizations;
  • Learn about resources available to support farmers who volunteer to speak about agriculture to school and community groups;
  • Pick up or drop off Department of Agriculture program application forms;
  • Borrow a soil augur to take soil samples on your farm and then drop off soil or water samples for shipment to the analytical lab in Bible Hill.

To contact us, call 1-800-279-0825 or the office location nearest you.

Regional Services

Truro Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, Box 890 Harlow Building, 176 College Rd., Bible Hill, NS  B2N 5G6
Rachael Cheverie - Director, Regional Services
Tel: 902-896-2329 Cell: Email:
Sarah Turner - Manager, Regional Extension
Tel: 902-896-4898 Cell: 902-324-0776 Email:
Rebecca Sooksom - Manager, Regional Programming
Tel: 902-893-6584 Cell: 902-956-4665 Email:

Eastern Region - Halifax, East Hants, Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou, Antigonish, Guysborough, Richmond, Inverness, Victoria and Cape Breton Counties

Truro Office

Truro Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, 74 Research Drive, Suite 114, Bible Hill, NS  B6L 2R2
Marie Williams - Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-893-6575 Fax: 902-893-2757 Email:
Jacqueline Hoyt - Provincial Agricultural Programming Coordinator
Tel: 902-893-5649 Cell: 902-897-8715 Email:
Dawn Barrington-Hodgson - Provincial Agricultural Programming Coordinator
Tel: 902-893-7495 Cell: Email:
Daniel Muir – Agricultural Extension Coordinator
Tel: 902-893-6586 Cell: 902-890-1787 Email:
Julia Lindsay – Business Development Officer
Tel: 902-893-6585 Cell: Email:
Hema Chopra - Senior Diversity Programming Specialist
Tel: Cell: 902-574-2769 Email:
Moussa Sangaré-Ponce - Provincial Diversity Programming Coordinator
Tel: Cell: 902-324-9615 Email: Moussa.Sangaré

Antigonish Office

Antigonish Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, 190 Beech Hill Road, RR#6 Antigonish, NS  B2G 0B4
Victoria Simpson - Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-863-4705 Fax: 902-863-7342 Email:
Rhonda MacDougall - Agriculture Extension Coordinator
Tel: 902-863-7501 Cell: 902-631-2264 Email:
Terri MacPherson - Business Development Officer
  Cell: 902-870-6927 Email:
Adam Wile - Knowledge and Technology Transfer Coordinator
Tel: 902-863-7500 Cell: 902-870-9428 Email:

Sydney Office

Sydney Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, Suite 32-360 Prince St., Provincial Bldg. 3rd Floor, Sydney, NS B1P 5L1
Ardith Fillmore - Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-563-2000 Fax: 902-563-3435 Email:
Gary Koziel - Senior Agriculture Extension Coordinator
Tel: 902-563-2003 Cell: 902-565-8132 Email:
Marina Gillis - Agriculture Extension Coordinator
Tel: 902-563-2001 Cell: 902-578-0786 Email:
Jeff Hennessey - Business Development Officer
Tel: 902-563-2418 Cell: 902-574-2032 Email:
Mabou Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, 11538 Hwy 19, Mabou, NS  B0E 1X0

Western Region - Kings, West Hants, Lunenburg, Queens, Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne Counties

Kentville Office

Kentville Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Centre, 32 Main St., Kentville, NS  B4N 1J5
Nicole Jamieson - Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-679-6021 Fax: 902-670-6062 Email:
Colin Hirtle - Agriculture Extension Coordinator
Tel: 902-679-6027 Cell: 902-599-0619 Email:
Ronald Young - Business Development Program Analyst
  Cell: 902-698-1545 Email:
Rachel Brighton - Business Development Officer
  Cell: 902-247-4350 Email:
Brian MacCulloch - Knowledge and Technology Transfer Coordinator
  Cell: 902-679-9219 Email:
Ross MacNeil - Agriculture Extension Coordinator
Lunenburg Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, 312 Green Street, P.O. Box 6000 Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
Tel: 902-634-7575 Cell: 902-521-5409 Email:

Cornwallis Office

Cornwallis Office Address: NS Dept. of Agriculture, 173 Haida St., Cornwallis Park, NS  B0S 1H0
Gina Chapelhow - Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-638-2395 Fax: 902-638-2389 Email:
Jeff Wentzell - Senior Agriculture Extension Coordinator
  Cell: 902-824-0924 Email:
Kari Brown - Agriculture Extension Coordinator
  Cell: 902-223-8085 Email:
Nicole Burkhard - Business Development Officer
  Cell: 902-532-8775 Email: