Dentists’ guide and bulletins

Information, updates and changes to Nova Scotia Dental services.

Nova Scotia Dentists’ Guide

Guide provides dentists with information about Nova Scotia’s Dental programs.

Each dentist who participates in the care of a patient is entitled to compensation for the services rendered to the patient. The guide identifies the amounts prescribed as claimable for insured services rendered by dentists.

Insured services means, dental services that are medically and/or dentally necessary as specified by the associated Government Nova Scotia program criteria and are listed in the Fee Schedule of the Insured Dental Services Tariff Regulations. The listing of any service or procedure in the Fee Schedule does not ensure payment by Department of Health and Wellness if the dental service is provided when it is not medically/dentally necessary.

Download Dentists guide (PDF)

Dentists’ Bulletin

Bulletins are  a source of timely information on recent changes to dental programs.

DHW Dental Bulletin - October 2023 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - September 2023 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - June 2023 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - April 2023 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - March 2023 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - October 2022 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - June 2022 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - March 2022 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - October 2021 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - March 2021 (PDF)

DHW Dental Bulletin - December 2020 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - October 2020 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - July 2020 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - May 2020 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - December 2019 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - June 2019 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - February 2019 (Billing update) (PDF)

Dental Bulletin- February 2019 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - January 2019 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - July 2018 (PDF)

Dental Bulletin - January 2018 (PDF)

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