Crime Prevention Community Grant

The Crime Prevention Community Grant is a community-oriented crime prevention initiative designed to help support pro-social, youth directed, and collaborative crime prevention programming throughout Nova Scotia.

Up to a maximum of $12,000 per year is available to community organizations.

The Crime Prevention Community Grant program is designed to:

  • meaningfully involve youth in the decision-making, development, and delivery of crime prevention programs
  • make sure collaboration and cooperation among agencies, across public and private sector to develop and nurture community resources so they are best utilized
  • promote and encourage inclusive, educational, and innovative pro-social programs with crime prevention mandates
  • strengthen social infrastructure and facilitate growth of youth and communities to make our province healthy and safe, thereby enhancing and improving quality of life for all Nova Scotians

Creating healthy and safe communities depends on developing, delivering, and maintaining effective recreational, educational, cultural, life-skills, and after-school programming for youth. Sustainable partnerships among youth, police, government officials, and the community are paramount in this process.


Organizations that are eligible for funding include:

  • Local governments
  • Community-based not-for-profit organizations
  • Schools and School Districts
  • Health Authorities
  • Academic institutions
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Indigenous organizations
  • African Nova Scotian organizations
  • Organizations supporting marginalized communities.

Individuals are not eligible to apply for a Crime Prevention Community Grant.

Project eligibility

Projects must demonstrate:

  • a strong focus on crime prevention
  • the intended level of community and interagency collaboration, support and cooperation
  • how the project with ensure inclusiveness
  • how any recreational activities will be supplemented with educational opportunities
  • a strong commitment to program evaluation


Before you start, review detailed program criteria in the Crime Prevention Community Grant Guide. Send your completed application and supporting documents by email or mail.

Crime Prevention Community Grant Application Form (PDF)

Crime Prevention Community Grant Guide (PDF)


Crime Prevention Unit
Department of Justice
PO Box 7
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2L6
Phone: 902-424-6188