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Sectional Index

For technical reasons the Sectional Index is no longer being published. Please consult the Legislative History Reference Tables at the end of consolidated regulations for detailed information about amendments to that particular set of regulations. Or contact our office if you require further assistance.
Last published July 26, 2013, and includes up to Volume 37, Issue 15 of the Royal Gazette Part II (last regulation is N.S. Reg. 259/2013).
Part A A listing of regulations by Act, complete with the departments responsible for administering each Act.
Part B The main part of the Index. Here you will find a listing of all regulations with a detailed description of all the amendments made to each set of regulations by section, the date of the Royal Gazette Part II issue in which the regulations were published and the Order in Council and Nova Scotia regulation numbers ("N.S. Reg.") assigned to the regulations.
Part C A listing of all the proclamations published in Royal Gazette Part II and their effective dates.

Style & Procedures Manual

The Department of Justice's Style and Procedures Manual is designed to help lawyers and non-legal government personnel draft Nova Scotia regulations—to ensure a uniform standard of format and style and to promote clarity and the use of plain language. The Manual also sets out the procedure for the Department of Justice's review of draft regulations.

The latest edition of the Manual is dated January 2005, and is available below in Adobe PDF, along with a supplement published in November 2011 which includes specific direction on drafting summary offence ticket schedules.

Style and Procedures Manual - January 2005

SOT Supplement to Style and Procedures Manual (updated August 2015)

Also avaliable are the following supplemental resources:

Summary Offence Ticket Booklet

The Summary Offence Ticket booklet contains designated offences and out of court settlement amounts as set out in the Summary Offence Ticket Regulations made under the Summary Proceedings Act.

Click here to view the Summary Offence Ticket booklet (PDF)
Updated to October 24, 2023
A previous version of the SOT booklet contained incorrect out of court settlement amounts on pages 5-6 of the Instructions in the “Table: Out of Court Settlement Amounts for Category Offences”. That error has been corrected.
You will need a reader to view the booklet in PDF. You can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website.

To check for amendments to the Summary Offence Ticket Regulations that have not yet been consolidated and included in the booklet, please check our regulations by Act page.

Federal Offences (Contraventions Regulations)

Available from the federal Department of Justice web site:

Overview of the Office of the Registrar of Regulations

We are pleased to be able to present our new guide booklet overviewing the role and function of the Office of the Registrar of Regulations, including a handy glossary of terms used in the delegated legislation-making process.

The booklet explains the main functions of the office in registering and maintaining a repository for Nova Scotia's regulations, publishing the regulations and other government notices in the Royal Gazette,consolidating regulations and establishing plain English drafting standards for regulations.

It answers basic questions such as: What are regulations? What do regulations look like? and How do you cite Nova Scotia regulations? As well, it explains the indexing and consolidation process, the review of draft regulations (with before and after examples) and identifies some more complex issues such as practical and legal constraints on the regulation-making process.

The Office of the Registrar of Regulations: An Overview of its Role, Practices and Procedures (PDF, December 2016)