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Regulations Listed by Act

This page lists Acts in alphabetical order - linked to a list of active regulations under each Act. Only Acts that have regulations made under them are listed.

The Nova Scotia regulation number ("N.S. Reg.") of the regulations, or of the most recent amendment to the regulations, is listed beneath the regulation title.

We post notice of new regulations and amendments (including new N.S. Reg. numbers) as soon as possible after filing, but the text of the new or newly consolidated regulations is not available until after the new regulations or amendments are published in the Royal Gazette Part II.  Please contact us by e-mail with any questions about specific regulations.

Please note: we distribute Nova Scotia regulations only, not the Acts. Go to the Legislative Counsel website for the text of Acts (statutes) and bills.

Click a letter for a list of Acts beginning with that letter,
then click on the name of the Act to link to the regulations list
(Only Acts with regulations are listed)


Accessibility Act
Adoption Information Act
Adoption Records Act
Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act
Adult Learning Act
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Act
Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act
Agricultural Weed Control Act
Agriculture and Marketing Act
Agriculture and Rural Credit Act
Alternative Penalty Act
Amusement Devices Safety Act
Animal Health and Protection Act
Animal Protection Act
Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival Act
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act
Architects Act
Arts Council Act
Assessment Act
Assets Management and Disposition Act
Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority Act
Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Act


Beaches Act
Bee Industry Act
Body Armour Control Act
Builders' Lien Act
Building Code Act
Business Electronic Filing Act


Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation (NS) Act
Canadian Forces Reservists Protection Act
Canadian Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act
Cannabis Control Act
Cemetery and Funeral Services Act
Change of Name Act
Child Pornography Reporting Act
Children and Family Services Act
Chiropractic Act
Civil Forfeiture Act
Civil Service Act
Civil Service Collective Bargaining Act
Collection and Debt Management Agencies Act
Combat Sports Authority Act
Communications and Information Act
Community Easements Act
Community Economic Development Fund Act
Community Interest Companies Act
Companies Act
Condominium Act
Conflict of Interest Act
Conservation Easements Act
Consumer Creditors' Conduct Act
Consumer Protection Act
Consumer Reporting Act
Continuing Care Assistants Registry Act
Co-operative Associations Act
Corporation Capital Tax Act
Corporations Registration Act
Correctional Services Act
Corrections Act
Cosmetology Act
Costs and Fees Act
Counselling Therapists Act
Court and Administrative Reform Act
Court Houses and Lockup Houses Act
Court Officials Act
Credit Union Act
Crop and Livestock Insurance Act
Crown Lands Act


Dairy Industry Act
Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
Degree Granting Act
Dental Act
Dental Hygienists Act
Dental Technicians Act
Denturists Act
Dietitians Act
Direct Sellers' Regulation Act
Dispensing Opticians Act
Divorce Act (Canada)
Domestic Violence Intervention Act


Early Learning and Child Care Act
Education Act
Education (CSAP) Act
Elections Act
Electrical Installation and Inspection Act
Electricity Act
Elevators and Lifts Act
Embalmers and Funeral Directors Act
Emergency "911" Act
Emergency Management Act
Employment Support and Income Assistance Act
Endangered Species Act
Energy Resources Conservation Act
Energy-efficient Appliances Act
Enforcement of Canadian Judgments and Decrees Act
Engineering Profession Act
Environment Act
Equity Tax Credit Act
Expropriation Act


Fair Drug Pricing Act
Fair Registration Practices Act
Family Court Act
Family Orders Information Release Act
Farm Practices Act
Farm Registration Act
Fatality Investigations Act
February Holiday Act
Finance Act
Fire Safety Act
Fish Harvester Organizations Support Act
Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act
Flea Markets Regulation Act
Forests Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
French-language Services Act
Fur Industry Act


Gaming Control Act
Gas Distribution Act
Gunshot Wounds Mandatory Reporting Act
Gypsum Mining Income Tax Act


Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission Act
Halifax Regional Municipality Charter
Health Authorities Act
Health Protection Act
Health Services and Insurance Act
Heritage Property Act
Highway 104 Western Alignment Act
Homemakers' Services Act
Homes for Special Care Act
Hospitals Act
House of Assembly Management Commission Act
Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act
Housing Nova Scotia Act
Housing Supply and Services Act
Human Rights Act


Imitation Dairy Products Act
Income Tax Act
Industrial Loan Act
Insurance Act
Insurance Premiums Tax Act
Interim Residential Rental Increase Cap Act
Interior Designers Act
Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act
Interpretation Act
Interprovincial Subpoena Act
Intestate Succession Act
Intimate Images and Cyber-protection Act
Invest Nova Scotia Act
Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act


Judicature Act
Juries Act
Justices of the Peace Act


Labour Board Act
Labour Standards Code
Land Registration Act
Land Surveyors Act
Land Titles Clarification Act
Language Schools Act
Legal Aid Act
Libraries Act
Limited Partnerships Act
Liquor Control Act
Livestock Health Services Act
Lobbyists' Registration Act


Maintenance Enforcement Act
Mandatory Testing and Disclosure Act
Margarine Act
Marine Renewable-energy Act
Maritime Link Act
Marketable Titles Act
Marriage Act
Massage Therapist Titles Protection Act
Meat Inspection Act
Medal of Bravery Act
Medical Act
Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals Act
Medical Laboratory Technology Act
Medical Professional Corporations Act
Members and Public Employees Disclosure Act
Members' Retiring Allowances Act
Midwifery Act
Mi'kmaq Education Act
Mineral Resources Act
Mines Act
Missing Persons Act
Mortgage Regulation Act
Motor Carrier Act
Motor Vehicle Act
Municipal Elections Act
Municipal Government Act
Municipal Grants Act
Municipal Hospitals Loan Act


Natural Products Act
NewPage Port Hawkesbury Pension Plans Act
Non-essential Pesticides Control Act
Non-resident Deed Transfer and Property Taxes Act
North Queens Nursing Home Act
Nursing Act


Occupational Health and Safety Act
Occupational Therapists Act
Off-highway Vehicles Act
Offshore Petroleum Royalty Act
Oil Refineries and L.N.G. Plants Municipal Taxation Act
Ombudsman Act
Optometry Act
Order of Nova Scotia Act


Paramedics Act
Parenting and Support Act
Partnership Act
Partnerships and Business Names Registration Act
Patient Access to Care Act
Patient Safety Act
Pay Equity Act
Pension Benefits Act
Personal Directives Act
Personal Health Information Act
Personal Information International Disclosure Protection Act
Personal Property Security Act
Petroleum Products Pricing Act
Petroleum Resources Act
Petroleum Resources Removal Permit Act
Pharmacy Act
Physiotherapy Act
Pipeline Act
Police Act
Police Identity Management Act
Police Services Act
Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act
Potato Industry Act
Prescription Monitoring Act
Primary Forest Products Marketing Act
Prisons and Reformatories Act (Canada)
Private Career Colleges Act
Private Investigators and Private Guards Act
Private Investment Holding Companies Act
Probate Act
Property Valuation Services Corporation Act
Protection for Persons in Care Act
Provincial Court Act
Provincial Parks Act
Psychologists Act
Public Archives Act
Public Highways Act
Public Interest Disclosure of Wrongdoing Act
Public School Administrators Employment Relations Act
Public Sector Compensation (1994-97) Act
Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act
Public Sector Compensation Restraint Act
Public Service Act
Public Service Superannuation Act
Public Services Sustainability (2015) Act
Public Trustee Act
Public Utilities Act [see also: Utility and Review Board Act]


Railways Act
Real Estate Trading Act
Reciprocal Enforcement of Custody Orders Act
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act
Region of Windsor and West Hants Municipality Act
Registered Barbers Act
Registry Act
Regulated Health Professions Network Act
Regulations Act
Rental Property Conversion Act
Research Nova Scotia Corporation Act
Residential Tenancies Act
Respiratory Therapists Act
Retail Business Designated Day Closing Act
Retail Business Uniform Closing Day Act
Revenue Act
Road Trails Act


Safe Body Art Act
Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act
Safer Needles in Healthcare Workplaces Act
Sales Tax Act
Scalers Act
Securities Act
Senior Citizens' Property Tax Rebate Act
Service Dog Act
Sherbrooke Restoration Commission Act
Small Claims Court Act
Smoke-free Places Act
Snow Sport Helmet Act
Social Assistance Act
Societies Act
Special Places Protection Act
Student Aid Act
Summary Proceedings Act
Surplus Crown Property Disposal Act
Sydney Steel Corporation Sale Act


Tanning Beds Act
Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act
Teachers' Pension Act
Teachers' Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvements (2017) Act
Technical Safety Act
Theatres and Amusements Act
Time Definition Act
Tobacco Access Act
Tourist Accommodations Registration Act
Trade Union Act
Trails Act
Trust and Loan Companies Act


Underground Hydrocarbons Storage Act
Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act
University Foundations Act
Utility and Review Board Act


Venture Corporations Act
Veterinary Medical Act
Victims' Rights and Services Act
Vital Statistics Act
Volunteer Fire and Ground Search and Rescue Services Act
Volunteer Protection Act
Volunteer Services Act


Wilderness Areas Protection Act
Wildlife Act
Workers' Compensation Act


Youth Criminal Justice Act (Canada)
Youth Justice Act