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Welcome to the Woodlot Management Home Study Program

" Have you ever wondered how to grow more wood, improve wildlife habitat on your woodlot or maintiain and safely operate your chainsaw?"

Decide which module to study and proceed at your own pace.

In some regions department staff may conduct field days to support the material.

You may select from any of the active modules on the right.

Modules are being added as they become available online. If the module you wish to study is not available online contact us and we will send one out by mail. Online modules can also be be obtained through the mail or downloaded from this site.

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Woodlot Management Course Certificates

Completion certificates for each module are now available to registered particpants who make 70 % or better on the quizzes or completed workbooks.

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Woodlot Modules Table of Contents
tree icon  Principles of Forest Stewardship

tree icon  Introduction - Getting More from Your Woodlot (Module 1A)
Introduction - Maximiser les retombées de votre boisé
(seulement disponible dans l'acrobate d'adobe)

tree icon  Introduction to Silviculture (Module 1)

tree icon  Harvesting Systems (Module 2)
Les Méthodes de Récolte (seulement disponible dans l'acrobate d'adobe)

tree icon  Thinning for Value (Module 3)

tree icon  Woodlots and Wildlife (Module 4)

tree icon  Stand Establishment (Module 5)

tree icon  Chain Saw Use and Safety (Module 6)

tree icon  Woodlot Ecology (Module7)

tree icon  Wood Utilization & Technology (Module 8)

tree icon  Woodlot Recreation (Module 9)
  Activités Récréatives en Milieu Forestier
(seulement disponible dans l'acrobate d'adobe)

tree icon  Managing Woodlot Finances: Planning and Investment Guide (Module 10A)

tree icon  Introduction to Woodlot - Income Tax and Estate Planning (Module 10B)

tree icon  Roads and Trails: Planning it Right from the Start (Module 11)

tree icon  Small Scale Harvesting Equipment - What's Right For You? (Module 12)

tree icon  Non Timber Forest Products: Growing Opportunities (Module 13)