Silviculture Assistance Opportunities for Owners of Private Land

Woodlot owners seeking information regarding silviculture opportunities should contact the Registered Buyers with Wood Acquisition Plans in their area (View a Map of Registred Buyers with approved Wood Acquisition plans for 2017) or by calling the NR&R contacts for the Registry of Buyers.

Nova Scotia's Forest Sustainability Regulations specify that Registered Wood Buyers who acquire more than 5,000 cubic metres (approx. 885 Mfbm or 2,270 cords) of round wood (primary forest products) from private woodlands in any one calendar year, must have a Wood Acquisition Plan. A Wood Acquisition Plan details how a registered buyer will meet their obligation under the Forest Sustainability Regulations. The obligation is based on a rate of $3.00 per cubic metre of softwood and/or $0.60 per cubic metre of hardwood acquired. Registered Buyers can opt to pay money directly to a Sustainable Forestry Fund or carry out silviculture activities on privately owned land.