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Introduction - Getting More from Your Woodlot


This introductory module is written for anyone who owns woodland or takes an active interest in woodland and would like to set environmentally sound goals for their land.

This module introduces Integrated Resource Management (IRM) and will help you develop your own integrated plan based on your goals, what your woodlot has to offer, and your own resources. It also introduces some basic principles behind IRM, offers examples of woodland owners who practice IRM, and provides sources of additional information.

Some basic principles behind IRM are given in Lesson 3 after you have thought about your goals, objectives, and resources in Lesson 2. This was done in order because IRM on a woodlot should be tailored strongly to your wishes. However, if you find it difficult to work through Lesson 2, it might be helpful to do the first half of Lesson 3 first.

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