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  2. Employment Standard Development Committee

Employment Standard Development Committee

Applications to the Employment Standard Development Committee are closed. Committee membership will be announced in fall 2021.

The Employment Standard Development Committee will be responsible for helping the Accessibility Advisory Board make recommendations to the Minister of Justice on creating and implementing a proposed standard for employment.

The goal of the employment standard is to make sure that persons with disabilities, Deaf and/or neurodivergent persons have equitable access to employment. The standards will help them find, maintain and advance in meaningful employment.


The committee will be made up of 10 to 20 members, including a chair and vice-chair. Members are appointed by the Minister of Justice upon recommendation by the Accessibility Advisory Board.

The committee must include:

  • persons with disabilities, Deaf and/or neurodivergent persons with subject matter experience or expertise, or representatives from organizations representing persons with disabilities, Deaf and/or neurodivergent persons (half of committee membership)
  • representatives of organizations and types of organizations likely to be affected by the standard
  • representatives from government departments that have responsibilities related to the standard being developed

Members of the Accessibility Advisory Board can join the Standard Development Committee.


Committee members will be compensated for attending meetings:

  • Members: $100 per meeting, plus expenses
  • Vice-Chair: $150 per meeting, plus expenses
  • Chair: $200 per meeting, plus expenses

Government of Nova Scotia employees who serve on the committee are not eligible for compensation.

Committee members are also reimbursed for travel and other expenses (including a support person stipend) associated with attending meetings, following the Government of Nova Scotia Travel Policy.

Member terms

Member terms are 3 years.

Meeting location and frequency

Meetings will be held in person (in Halifax) or virtually every 6 to 8 weeks, as scheduled by the chair. Members will have the option of attending all meetings virtually. The frequency of meetings may vary depending on work volume and timelines.

Members will also be expected to do work outside of meetings.

Contact us

For more information about Employment standard development, contact us at accessibility@novascotia.ca