Population Health Profile

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Population Health Profile

Good population health is everyone's business. It's a key driver of a strong economy, a sustainable health care system, and vibrant communities across Nova Scotia.

Our population health profile gives a snapshot of the health status of Nova Scotians. It compares Nova Scotia to the Canada, and notes differences in health status between males and females and at different ages, levels of income, and levels of education.

Most of what contributes to good health is well beyond the control of the Department of Health and Wellness. Everyone has a role to play. This picture of Nova Scotians’ health challenges all of us to think and act differently to create the conditions for a healthy population and a healthy future for our province.

Download Nova Scotia Population Health Profile 2015 in PDF (20 MB) Format.

Télécharger Profil de la santé en Nouvelle-Écosse en format PDF (22 MB).