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FAQ - Insurance Adjuster Licensing

Adjuster Licensing and Application FAQs

The Individual Insurance License Application Form is used to license individual adjusters - Levels I to IV inclusive, and (sometimes) for updating your insurance license information. The FAQs below answer common questions about completing the form, and related licensing questions.

For information on the Adjuster Company license, please see the Adjuster Company FAQ page.

On the application form, what do "New", "Transfer", "Renew/Transfer" and "Re-Instate" mean, and which one do I choose?

These are application "types." Choose ONLY one of the four options, based on your situation:

  • New - first time application for an adjuster license
  • Transfer - when your employer has changed within the three year licensing period
  • Renew/Transfer - your employer has changed, and it is time to renew your license
  • Re-Instate - after your license has expired (or cancelled), and you are applying to be licensed again

Note: To simpy renew your license without any changes, please use the form mailed to you. Only send us the Insurance Adjuster Application if you are renewing, and at the same time, changing your sponsor. Select application type: renew/transfer.

Checking over my completed form, what are items that I might overlook?

There are a few questions that at times are overlooked, and will cause a delay in processing your application:

  • provide a copy of the transcript for the IIC course required for your level
  • sign the applicable Adjuster Agreement - for Levels I, II and III
  • Part E - your signature
  • Part F - signature of your sponsoring Corporate Adjuster

How do I cancel my license, and can I get a refund?

To cancel your license, please notify us, in writing. Refunds are given for any full year remaining on the license term. Refunds are paid to the party that originally paid the fee. You do not need to re-submit the Individual Insurance License form.

I want to upgrade my Adjuster license from Level I to Level II. Do I need to submit another Individual Insurance License form?

No, you do not need to send us another form when upgrading your license. Please contact us by mail, and provide the transcripts of the prescribed IIC course you have completed. There is no fee to upgrade your license.

My contact information has changed. How do I get my information updated?

Please advise us, in writing or by email, of any change in your contact information. There is no fee charged for this service.


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