Fish Health

Minister Colwell pictured with Roland Cusack, provincial fish health veteranarian.

Department staff offer veterinary services to help maintain and monitor aquatic animal health in aquaculture. Veterinary health programs are key for the maintenance and growth of the sector. Services also include supporting animal welfare, as well as preventing, diagnosing and treating aquatic animals when necessary.

The program is based in the Veterinary Pathology Building on the campus of the Dalhousie University - Faculty of Agricultural, in Truro. Aquatic species undergo autopsies at this facility, and appropriate tests are run to determine health status.

On-site surveillance at provincial aquaculture sites is also provided. The fish are observed and tested as required. For example, fish may be tested for the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.

Similar services are also available to fish hatchery and nursery sites.

The Aquatic Animal Health Program is tied to regulatory oversight of the industry through the Nova Scotia Coastal Resources Act Aquaculture Regulations.

Carl Huntington

Fish Health Coordinator
Phone: 902-893-4634