1. Winter Sportfishing Season Now Open

    Winter Sportfishing Season Now Open

    Nova Scotians are encouraged to gear up and head to one of the province's open waterways to enjoy this winter's sportfishing season.

  2. Project Supports Habitat Restoration for Salmon and Trout

    A project to drop lime on the forest along the West River Sheet Harbour on the Eastern Shore will mitigate the effects of acid rain and support restoration of trout and wild Atlantic salmon habitat.

  3. Fall Salmon fishing on the way

    Fall Salmon fishing on the way

    When the air becomes fresh and the leaves to turn a mosaic of colours, Atlantic salmon return to many rivers across Nova Scotia.

  4. Nova Scotia's Learn To Fish Program

    One of the department’s most popular activities is the interactive Learn to Fish (L2F) program. Learn to Fish teaches children the basics of sportfishing, along with ethics and environmental stewardship.

  5. Nova Scotia Fishing Hatcheries

    The Province has administered a hatchery program since 1982. Approximately 200 lakes are stocked each spring as part of our urban stocking program.

  6. 2016 Trout Fishing Derbies

    2016 Trout Fishing Derbies

    Trout Fishing Derbies starting from May to June 2016.


Economic Impact

The Sportfishing industry was worth more than $56.4 million in 2010 when licenced anglers spent 1.1 million days fishing. Approximately 80,000 anglers participated in sportfishing in 2014. Nova Scotia’s 6,700 lakes, 100 rivers and 7,400 kilometers of coastline offer incredible opportunities for angling enthusiasts

A Survey of the Sportfishing Industry PDF (participate in new study in the fall)
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