Aquaculture and Marine Plants

  1. Aquatic Animal Health staff member in the lab
    Veterinary Services

    Aquatic Animal Health staff are continuing to provide veterinary services, along with maintaining and monitoring aquaculture animal health. Certificate of Health for Transfer sampling, laboratory processing and the issuance of certificates are being continued. Staff are also available to address urgent health issues should they arise.

  2. Partnership to develop Aquaculture Development Areas (ADAs) for the Municipality of Argyle

    The province and the Municipality of the District of Argyle are partnering to establish aquaculture development areas that help grow the economy.

  3. Economic Impact

    The aquaculture industry was worth more than $88 million in 2018 and directly employed 519 men and women in full- and part-time positions. At present, there are 149 companies actively farming fish in Nova Scotia.

  4. Nova Scotia Aquaculture Research and Development Funding

    The Nova Scotia Aquaculture Research and Development Funding Program supports scientific research and development projects that address industry challenges and foster innovation.

  5. Rockweed

    All information relating to Rockweed and other marine plants can be found in the Aquaculture and Marine Plants section. This includes Rockweed information that was previously listed under the Commercial Fishing section.