Organizing Harvesters

The Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquacultures continues to support and encourage harvesters to create a unified collective to ensure their interests are represented in matters related to the fishing industry. Strong organizations enable effective consultation and communication between industry and all levels of government and similar groups within other provinces.

The NSDFA supports this initiative with the Fish Harvesters Organization Support Act which provides a structure within which to organize and operate.



FHOSA Payment forms can be found at:

A map of regions under the Fish Harvester Organization Support Act can be found here.

Accredited Organizations under FHOSA

Pay your FHOSA dues

You can pay your FHOSA dues online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac® Online or debit card.
You need to know the FHOSA region you're in or the name of the organizations you're paying the FHOSA dues for. You can find out what region you are in by checking the map here. There is a PDF with a list of accredited organizations in the section just before this one (See "Accredited Organizations under FHOSA").
Your payment will be credited to the organization you choose in 8 to 10 business days.

Once you click the "Pay your FHOSA dues online" link below, then you can select “Create account” and you will be led through the system to create your account. Note: you require a valid email address to be able to create an account.
If you can’t make a payment online, you can use the FHOSA Payment Form for your region to pay by cheque or money order. See above on this page under "FHOSA Payment forms can be found at" and select your region. Again, you can find out what region you are in by checking the map here.

Pay your FHOSA dues online


John Bueglas
Fish Harvester Organization Advisor
173 Haida Street, Cornwallis, NS, B0S 1H0