Fall Salmon fishing on the way

When the air becomes fresh and the leaves to turn a mosaic of colours, Atlantic salmon return to many rivers across Nova Scotia. Last week, with the help of volunteers from the Margaree Salmon Association, Inland Fisheries staff collected Atlantic salmon broodstock from the Margaree River. In total, fifty salmon are kept at the Margaree Fish Hatchery as broodstock. After making their contribution, these adult salmon are released back into the river. Eggs will be fertilized, cared for and hatch in late winter. Juvenile salmon are raised by provincial hatchery staff to various life stages and released periodically through the season. Over the coming weeks, Inland Fisheries Staff will be working alongside community volunteers, to collect broodstock salmon from several Nova Scotia rivers. Each year, approximately 250,000 juvenile salmon are released into the Margaree River and other rivers across Cape Breton and northern Nova Scotia.

Salmon anglers are reminded that no Atlantic salmon may be retained, and while targeting salmon, the use of a single hook, barbless fly is mandatory. Salmon regulations can be found at https://novascotia.ca/fish/documents/regulations/salmonregs2015.pdf