Higher Education Branch

Higher Education contributes to lifelong learning by providing funding, services, and support to post-secondary institutions to maintain access to high quality post-secondary education and training.

The Higher Education Branch supports the development of a highly qualified workforce to meet labour market demand as well as the cultivation of knowledgeable, engaged citizens.

The functions of Higher Education are as follows:

  • provide funding and support to universities and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)
  • advise the Minister on all matters relating to universities and the NSCC and post-secondary education issues at the provincial, regional and national level
  • support the post-secondary education institutions in the development of people, knowledge, entrepreneurial activity, and innovation
  • coordinate federal-provincial and interprovincial negotiations related to post-secondary education, such as student loan policy
  • administer the Canada and Nova Scotia Student Assistance programs, including management and stewardship of the Nova Scotia student loan portfolio
  • assist adult Nova Scotians with permanent disabilities obtain access to, and to succeed in, post-secondary training
  • guide universities and the NSCC in the delivery of disability services through research and policy development
  • advise the Minister on matters relating to training at private career colleges and develop related policy