Act Regulations
Acadia University Act (Private Act, 1891)  
Adult Learning Act  
Amusement Devices Safety Act Regulations
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act Regulations
Atlantic Institute of Education Act  
Atlantic School of Theology Act (Private Act, 1974)  
Building Code Act Regulations
Cape Breton University Act  
Canadian Forces Reservists Protection Act  
Community Colleges Act  
Cosmetology Act  
Construction Projects Labour-Management Relations Act  
Court and Administrative Reform Act (Department of Justice) Regulations
Dalhousie University-Nova Scotia Agricultural College Merger Act  
Dalhousie-Technical University Amalgamation Act  
An Act for the Regulation and Support of Dalhousie College (Private Act, 1863)  
An Act relating to Dalhousie College (Private Act, 1935)  
Degree Granting Act Regulations
Electrical Installation and Inspection Act Regulations
Elevators and Lifts Act Regulations
Fair Registration Practices Act  
Finance Act Regulations
Fire Safety Act Regulations
Labour Board Act  
Labour Standards Code Regulations
Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission Act  
Mount Saint Vincent University Act (Private Act, 1988)  
North American Labor Cooperation Agreement Implementation Act  
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Act (Private Act, 1969)  
Occupational Health and Safety Act Regulations
Pay Equity Act Regulations
Poverty Reduction Working Group Act  
Private Career Colleges Regulation Act Regulations
Registered Barbers Act Regulations
Remembrance Day Act  
Retail Business Designated Day Closing Act Regulations
Retail Business Uniform Closing Day Act Regulations
St. Francis Xavier University Act (Private Act, 1921)  
St. Mary’s University Act (Private Act, 1970)  
Student Aid Act Regulations
Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act Regulations
Technical Safety Act Regulations
Trade Union Act Regulations
Université Sainte-Anne - Collège de l'Acadie Act/ Loi sur l'Université Sainte-Anne - Collège de l'Acadie  
Universities Assistance Act Regulations
University Foundations Act Regulations
University of King's Collage Act (Private Act, 1960) Regulations
Volunteer Fire and Ground Search and Rescue Services Act Regulations
Volunteer Protection Act Regulations
Volunteer Services Act Regulations
Workers' Compensation Act Regulations
Canada Student Financial Assistance Act* Regulations
Canada Student Loans Act* Regulations
* Federal legislation administered by the Province