Permits and Forms

Looking for a form, a permit or related information? The lists below provide information, and forms (where available), for the most of the permits, approvals, licences and certifications issued by the department.


Building and Equipment Safety
Topic Documents Info
Electrical Safety
Electrical Wiring Permit   More
Application for Communication Cabling Specialist Certificate Form
Guideline to the Certificate Application (Appendix A) Form
Fuel Safety
Fuel Safety (Technician's) Certificate (Initial) Form More
Fuel Safety (Technician's) Certificate (Renewal) Form More
Fuel Safety (Installation) Permit Form Form More
Fuel Safety (Company) Licence Form Form More
UL Field Evaluation Application Form  
Intertek Field Evaluation Application Form  
CSA Special Inspection Field Evaluation Form  
CSA Special Appliance Label for Equipment Converted to Propane from Natural Gas Usage in Nova Scotia Form  
Inspection of Waste Water Treatment Plants Form More
Boilers & Pressure Equipment
Boiler Condition Report Form Info
Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Form More
Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Equipment License   More
BPE Contractor License Application - Initial License or Change of License Form
BPE Contractor License Application - Renewal Form
Guide for the Preparation of Quality Programs for Licensing of Companies Performing BPE Regulated Work Form
Welding, High Pressure: Certification & Transfer Welder Transfer Request
Inter-Provincial Welder Transfer Request
NS-03 Application For Welder Transfer To New Brunswick Form  
Installation Report for Cast Iron Sectional Boilers Form
Boiler, Refrigeration and / or Compressor Plant Registration Form 1

Org Chart Form 1B
Boiler, Refrigeration and / or Compressor Plant : Application to Operate A Guarded Plant Under Minimum or Periodic Supervision Form 1A  
Boilers & Pressure Vessels Repairs / Alterations Report Form
BPE Contractor Permit Application Form Form
Declaration of Test (CSA B52 Code) Form
Statutory of Declaration for CRN Form
Application for Initial Pressure Welder Proficiency Testing Form
Power Engineers & Crane Operators  
Crane Operator: Certificate of Qualification Form
Rewrite Form
Power Engineer, Refrigeration Operator, Compressor Operator: Certificate of Qualification Form
Rewrite Form
Elevators & Lifts  
Amusement Devices Licence   More
Elevators and Lifts: Licence Drawings and Specifications
Licence Cancellation
Elevator / Lift: Contractor Registration Personal Licence Form
Company Licence Form
Personal Licence Transfer
Company Licence Transfer
Elevator / Lift: Compliance Audit   More
Elevator Mechanic Certificate of Competency Form  
Employer Registration Certifcate - Business
Employment and Workplaces
Topic Documents Info
Employment Rights
Application for Variance Online Form  
Domestic Violence Leave Notification Form Form  
Employer Registration Certifcate - Business Form  
Employer Registration Certifcate- Private Home Form  
Health and Safety
Appeal of an Order Form  
Deviation Form  
Compliance Notice Form  
Complaint of Discriminatory Action Form  
Internal Responsibility System (IRS) Inspection (OHS Officers) Form  
Occupational Health and Safety Check List (small business) Check List  
Occupational Health and Safety Consultants Online Form  
Specialized Blasting or a Special Case Blast Submission Form
Form (MS Word)
Unionized Workplaces
Non-Binding Arbitration: Application Form
Agreed Statement of Facts Sample