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The Better Regulation Initiative is a province-wide process to improve the laws and regulations in Nova Scotia. The Competitiveness and Compliance Initiative (CCI) is a key part of the Better Regulation Initiative (PDF: 232k) . The CCI is an initiative designed to improve the department's regulatory systems, and achieve better compliance with provincial laws.

The Competitiveness and Compliance Initiative's 2005-2006 Annual Report (PDF: 1.5mb) outlines thedepartment's approach to regulating. It describes a number of examples of how we are achieving regulatory excellence and profiles some of the projects we'll be working on in the next few years.


Occupational Diving Safety Strategy

Occupational divers

Nova Scotia occupational divers needed laws to ensure safe work practices are followed. Read about the department's work (PDF: 193k) with the diving industry to develop such laws.

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