Pizza/Bake ovens in commercial kitchens : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Fuel Safety


To: Fire Inspectors, Building Inspectors and Deputy Fire Marshals
From: Dale C. Stewart Chief Inspector - Fuel Safety

Subject: Pizza/Bake ovens in commercial kitchens

Date: August 23, 2002

We have recently received a number of calls regarding the venting of pizza ovens where the kitchen also has an exhaust canopy. I have attached copies of 2 of our Fuel Safety bulletins which cover part of this problem (see noted items: Propane Bulletin 97-01 and Propane Bulletin 99-01).

Another problem which has arisen is that the restaurant equipment suppliers are once again telling the restaurant owners that an oven does not have to be put under a canopy, only the end of the piped vent. We are seeing ovens 6-10 feet away from the canopy with a pipe extending from the oven to the edge of the hood.

In the future, please remember these simple rules;

  • If there is an exhaust canopy in the kitchen, the oven must not be gravity vented. Only a power vented canopy is acceptable.
  • The oven's exhaust outlet must be under the exhaust canopy. No adapters, extensions or piping is allowed.
Regards to all

Dale C. Stewart
Chief Inspector, Fuel Safety