Cylinder Storage Location Plan Submissions : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Fuel Safety

Fuel Safety Bulletin 2003-03b

Issued: June 23, 2003

Subject: Cylinder Storage Location Plan Submissions

Plans for cylinder storage locations, submitted under section 12 of the Fuel Safety Regulations, must bear a number of pieces of information before approval is possible. Failure to provide this information will result in delays in both the approval of the plans and the issuing of the required installation permit. It may also require that the plans being sent back to the submitter unapproved.

  1. Business name, building name and civic address.
  2. Number and size of cylinders being stored.
  3. Use of areas adjacent to storage area (lawn, parking, etc.), clearances to buildings, building openings and property lines.
  4. Fencing or cabinet drawings. Fencing material, size of fenced area, etc. for fenced area. Cabinets require an approved cabinet drawing.
  5. Vehicle impact protection barrier type and clearances.
  6. Method of securing a cabinet to the building wall.
  7. Specifics of the base, whether against a building wall, or free standing. In fenced compounds, give base material.
  8. Specifics of required signs.

Dale C. Stewart
Chief Inspector - Fuel Safety