About WAP

Workers' Advisers Program : NS Labour and Workforce Development

Program Overview

The Workers' Advisers Program is a legislated provincial government service. It is independent from the Workers' Compensation Board, and provides legal services to claimants under the Workers' Compensation Act. The Workers' Advisers Program is supervised by the Chief Worker Adviser.

Statement of Goals and Objectives

The Workers' Advisers Program is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of a program to advise, assist and represent injured workers who have been denied benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act while maintaining appropriate financial controls of the expenditures.

Contact Information

Halifax Office:

Workers' Advisers Program
5640 Spring Garden Road, Suite 309
P.O. Box 1063
Halifax, NS B3J 3M7

Telephone (Voice and TDD): 424-5050
Toll Free in NS: 1-800-774-4712
Fax: (902) 424-0530
Halifax Staff Listing

Sydney Office:

Workers' Advisers Program
1030 Upper Prince Street, Suite 5
Sydney, NS B1P 5P6 Telephone: (902) 563-2302
Toll Free in Nova Scotia: 1-800-774-4712
Fax: (902) 563-2298
Sydney Staff Listing

Halifax Office Staff:

  • Kenneth H. LeBlanc, Chief Worker Adviser (902) 424-0460
  • Brenda Potvin, Supervisor Office Services 424-0132
  • Heather Belanger, Secretary 424-6569
  • Terry Cox, Secretary 424-1806
  • Johnica Vacon, Secretary/Receptionist 424-5050
  • Shepherd, Starla (Solicitor) 424-0459
  • Janice Harnish, Secretary 424-1807
  • Stephen Lawlor, Workers' Adviser (Solicitor) 424-7292
  • Bill MacDonald, Workers' Adviser (Solicitor) 424-3740
  • Michelle Margolian, Workers' Adviser (Solicitor) 424-2161
  • David McCluskey Workers’ Adviser (Solicitor) 424-5394
  • Dorothy McLean, Workers' Adviser 424-8203
  • Vanessa Nicholson, Workers' Adviser (Solicitor) 424-3554
  • Bill Powroz, Workers' Adviser 424-0478
  • Danielle St George, Workers’ Adviser (Solicitor) 424-3880
  • Ali Muise-Hennessey, Workers’ Advisers (Solicitor) 424-6596

Sydney Office Staff:

  • Kelley Flannigan, Secretary 563-2301
  • Rick MacCuish, Workers' Adviser (Solicitor) 563-2290
  • Lorraine MacNeil, Secretary and Reception 563-2302
  • Katie Armstrong, Workers' Adviser (Solicitor) 563-2299