Educational Elements at Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Library

Resources for younger web surfers

Kid's Corner of the NREC. Here you will find many fun activity and colouring sheets, as well as four printable books based on our programs at the NREC.

Kid's Corner of the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. Colour pictures of some of the animals in the Park! If you'd like more information about an animal, visit the Wildlife Park website.


Resources for Teachers and Educators

Shubenacadie Wildlife Park - The provincial wildlife park offers on-site and outreach programs. Programs are written for everyone from primary to senior high school.

Natural Resources Education Centre - The NREC offers 29 curriculum-based programs for school and community groups. As well, a number of special events are held throughout the year.

Education Contact List - Are you located too far away from our centres to book a program? Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Library Extension Staff are available to schools across Nova Scotia and offer presentations on many different resource stewardship topics.

The NREC also has several online Lesson Plans. These are designed to increase a student's awareness and interest in wildlife and forestry.

Ask Me if I'm a Tree - Find out about the importance of forests with this fun and informative video.


Hunter Education Courses

online hunting education  Online Registration for Courses on furharvesting, bow hunting, crossbow hunting and hunter education

Upcoming Hunter, Bow Hunter and Fur Harvester Courses

Fur Harvester & Trapper Education

Hunter Education

Bow Hunter Education

Online Crossbow certification course


Careers with Natural Resources

Become a Forest Technician

Become a Conservation Officer


Around your Home and Woodlot

Tree Identification Guide to common native trees in Nova Scotia

Woodlot Management Home Study Program.

Buying and Storing Your Winter's Wood

Measuring Stacked Firewood

Selling Standing Timber

Burn it Hot. Information to help you use wood heating efficiently

Fact sheets about nuisance wildlife.

Plans on how to build a bat house.

National Forest Week

A list of over 20 information leaflets outlining the life history, damage symptoms,and control options for some forest insects and diseases in Nova Scotia.

Tips and Information about natural Christmas Trees

Learn the Facts around grass burning

Find out if your home is Fire Smart

How to protect your home and property from wildfire


Learn a new skill

Natural Resources has an online Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course.

Atlantic Hunter Education - provides hunter education, safety information and online lessons to hunters across the region.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a twice-yearly workshop primarily aimed at women but is an opportunity for anyone 18 years or older to learn outdoor skills - skills usually associated with hunting and fishing, but useful for many outdoor pursuits.



Nova Scotia's Provincial Wildlife Park in Shubenacadie has ongoing courses and events and even some colouring pages for the kids to download and learn from.

A virtual field trip of the landscapes of Nova Scotia.