Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course


LESSON 1 - Fireline Organization

  • Provide student with an understanding of the Incident Command System

LESSON 2 - Fundamentals of Forest Fire Control

  • Ensure that the student has an understanding of the concept of ignition, combustion, heat transfer and how to successfully break the cycle.

LESSON 3 - Effects of Weather, Fuels, and Topography on Fire Behaviour

  • Ensure that the student has basic knowledge of the three elements of forest fire behaviour (Weather, Fuels and Topography).

  • Provide student with basic understanding of the resulting combustion effects for each element.

LESSON 4 - Forest Fire Suppression Tools

  • Provide student with knowledge of tools used in fire suppression activities and how to utilize effectively.

  • Ensure that student able to maintain and safely use fire line tools.

LESSON 5 - Forest Fire Suppression

  • Recognize fire location terms
  • Know the difference between direct and indirect suppression tactics.
  • Understand hose handling techniques.
  • Are able to perform safe and effective mop up procedures.

LESSON 6 - Personal Safety

  • Understands Power Line safety and how to use corrective actions.
  • Provide student with basic aircraft safety (fixed wing and rotary wing)
  • Provide student with basic heavy equipment safety.
  • Ensure student is aware of the use of PPE.
  • Understands the concept of LACES and how to apply.
  • Provide student with basic knowledge of fire fighter fatigue, proper nutrition, lightning precautions, heat stress, hypothermia and care of feet.