Buying or Selling Firewood?

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Harvesting firewood is a great way to improve woodland. It allows properly trained woodland owners to produce saleable wood by cutting poorer trees while leaving the better trees behind to grow. It also provides a market for sections of better trees that cannot be used for other products. Firewood is also a green product, grown with energy from the sun, making it almost carbon neutral – as long as it is properly harvested.

Firewood is usually sold by the cord, which is 128 cubic feet of wood, bark, and airspace which is affected by its length, whether it is split, and how it is piled. Both sellers and buyers should become familiar with how volume occupied by the wood changes as it is cut, split, and piled on a truck for delivery, or dumped in a driveway. The only true way to understand how much wood you have is to stack it, since a thrown cord cannot be measured.

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