Enhanced prosecution model for sexual violence and human trafficking

The Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service has adopted an enhanced prosecution model for two areas under the Canadian Criminal Code: sexual violence and human trafficking.

As part of the enhanced model, the Public Prosecution Service has one dedicated Crown Attorney focused on human trafficking offences and two dedicated Crown Attorneys for sexual violence offences.

In addition to prosecuting cases, these Crown Attorneys also:

  • research case law and tracking results for Nova Scotia cases
  • train Crown Attorneys and other justice partners across the province
  • strengthen relationships with community and advocacy groups with similar goals

The Public Prosecution Service’s goal is to improve prosecutorial processes and make difficult experiences as positive as possible for survivors of these types of offences.

Human trafficking prosecutions

Human trafficking is a serious criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. It involves exploiting someone’s labour or services, including sexual services. People targeted in this type of offence also have reason to fear for their safety (or for the safety of someone known to them) if they refuse to provide that service or labour. Human trafficking can involve activities like recruiting, transporting, holding, or controlling a person for the purpose of exploiting them.

The PPS has one dedicated Human Trafficking Crown Attorney. This position was created in July 2020 as part of the province’s initiative to address human trafficking.


If you're currently involved in a human-trafficking prosecution and need to contact one of the dedicated Crown Attorneys, contact ppshtcrown@novascotia.ca.

Sexual violence prosecutions

Sexual violence refers to an assault of a sexual nature that violates the sexual integrity of the victim.

Two Crown Attorneys are dedicated to sexual violence offences in Nova Scotia. These positions were created in January 2018 in alignment with the province’s Sexual Violence Strategy.


If you’re currently involved in a sexual assault prosecution and need to contact one of the dedicated Crown Attorneys, contact ppssvcrowns@novascotia.ca.

Survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking

In Nova Scotia, the role of Crown Attorneys centers around the prosecution process. They are not investigators and do not lay criminal charges.

If you’re experiencing, have experienced, or suspect someone of experiencing sexual violence or human trafficking, contact your local police department to open an investigation.

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