EHS System

Emergency Health Services

EHS System

and Dispatch

The EHS Medical Communications Centre receives requests for ambulance transportation received through 911 service, determining the right response and dispatching Medical First Responders, Ground Ambulances, and LifeFlight.  

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EHS Medical First Response

EHS Medical First Responders are often the first to reach a patient who can offer some form of medical assistance. This assistance can range anywhere from a person who knows First Aid and CPR to an organization that is certified as a Medical First Response agency.

For more information about the Medical First Response, please visit EHS Medical First Response Program website.

EHS Ground

The EHS Ground Ambulance ensures an efficient and effective response to ambulance calls by highly trained paramedics using resources including Patient Transport Units, Ground Ambulances, All-Terrain Vehicles, Disaster Response, and a Medical Command Center (MCC).

EHS LifeFlight

EHS LifeFlight critical care teams respond to emergencies by helicopter, fixed wing plane or ground ambulance, transporting critically ill and injured patients.

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Nova Scotia
Trauma Program

The role of the Nova Scotia Trauma Program is to facilitate the provision of optimal trauma care by providing leadership in injury prevention and control, education, research and trauma system development. For more information, please visit Nova Scotia Trauma Program.