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For the Public

Special Patient Program

If you or a loved one has a complex or rare illness or injury that requires its own medical care protocols, talk to your doctor about the EHS Special Patient Program.

The program ensures that paramedics know about the patient's special needs – so when EHS is called to help, our paramedics will have quick access to the information they need about your loved one.

Applications must be submitted by a physician. Download Special Patient Application in PDF format.

For more information about the Special Patient Program, contact the Office of the Provincial Medical Director of Emergency Health Services at 902-424-1729.

Sign up for the AED Registry

To find out more information about the EHS AED Registry and to register your AED, please visit: Emergency Health Services - Automatted External Defibrillator Registry

Nova Scotia AED map

The EHS Nova Scotia Volunteer Map shows Nova Scotians where they can find AEDs (automatic external defibrillators).

This interactive map shows both public AEDs and AEDs for medical first responders (MFR).

The map is intended for public awareness, to help plan and prepare for a potential cardiac arrest and to increase the availability of AEDs in our communities.

It is not intended to be relied upon for emergency response or ongoing administration of AED programs.

Use at your own risk

Use the map entirely at your own risk. The information on the map is provided voluntarily by AED owners. EHS and GeoNova have tried to ensure that the information on the map is accurate, but we don’t guarantee that any AED on the map is:

  • still located at the location shown
  • available for emergency response
  • working

AEDs shown on the map may not be available for public use outside of the locations shown. To access or use an AED, you might need approval from the owner or their designate.

For AED owners

If you’re an AED owner and you want to register your AED for administrative and potential clinical application, please contact the EHS AED Registry Program Coordinator at

Visit EHS Nova Scotia Volunteer Map


Special Events

If you're holding a special event and you'd like a paramedic to attend, please fill out online special events form.