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EHS clinical policies, protocols and guidelines, guide and enable strong paramedic practice with safe and quality patient care. The Office of the Provincial Medical Director is responsible for the development and review of all EHS clinical policies. An important resource for the development of paramedic practice is the Canadian Prehospital Evidence Based Practice Project. To learn more or to become more involved, please contact EHS at 902-424-1729 and/or at .

Please note that EHS is undergoing significant transformation linking both evidence and knowledge to policy, protocols and practice. This is illustrated by the evolution of a traditional protocol format to a contemporary clinical practice guideline (CPG) format for paramedic clinicians. Items listed as a CPG have been updated and migrated to this new format. Items listed as ‘Protocols’ remain in the older format, however they are currently in the queue for reformatting to the ‘CPG’ format. These will be replaced on the website as they are transitioned. Please note that although these ‘Protocols’ PDFs may list updates > 3 years in duration, they are active EHS protocols approval dates effective since April 1st 2015.

EHS has made every effort to ensure that the information, tables, drawings and diagrams contained in the Policies, Procedure, Protocols, Clinical Practice Guidelines and Medication documents issued is accurate at the time of publication. All information listed within this website has been updated and approved effective April 1st 2016.

The EHS guidance is advisory and has been developed to assist healthcare professionals, together with patients, to make decisions about the management of the patient’s health, including treatments. It is intended to support the decision making process and is not a substitute for sound clinical judgment. Guidelines cannot always contain all the information necessary for determining appropriate care and cannot address all individual situations; therefore individuals using these guidelines must ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to enable appropriate interpretation.

EHS Clinical Policies

EHS Clinical Policies

EHS Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) and Protocols

EHS CPG Introduction

Allergic Reaction - CPG

Burns - CPG

Pediatric Airway Emergency - Protocol

Pediatric Allergic Reaction - Protocol

Pediatric Burns - Protocol

Pediatric Environmental Emergency - Protocol

Pediatric Trauma (ABCs/Major) - Protocol

Shock - CPG

CEC – Protocols

EHS Medications Documents

EHS Clinical Procedures

EHS Clinical Procedures