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Food security means that all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, nutritious, safe, personally acceptable and culturally appropriate foods that are produced, procured and distributed in ways that are environmentally sound, socially just and sustainable.

Food insecurity means that people cannot access enough healthy, safe food that they like and enjoy in a manner that is socially acceptable or worry that they will not be able to do so. Food insecurity also occurs when food is produced, procured or distributed in ways that has negative impacts on the environment and threatens the ability of future generations to grow and fish foods.

Nova Scotia is increasingly becoming recognized as a leader in the area of food security. Government has committed to building food security through financial support to the Nova Scotia Participatory Food Security Projects, now the Nova Scotia Food Security Network, and through development and implementation of Healthy Eating Nova Scotia.

Thought about Food? Understanding the Relationship Between Public Policy and Food Security in Nova Scotia.

Participatory Food Costing: Food costing provides relevant, up-to-date evidence on the cost of eating a healthy diet in Nova Scotia.

Cost and Affordability of a Nutritious Diet in Nova Scotia: Report of 2007 Food Costing

Working Together to Build Food Security in Nova Scotia: Participatory Food Costing Results 2004/05