Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care is where patient-centred care starts. From the first visit to ongoing supports, follow-up and coordination, the goal is safe and quality services for patients and families.

The Primary Health Care branch provides supports and resources to improve access, quality of care and patient safety, chronic disease prevention and management in a culturally competent manner.

Services and programs are developed with input from individuals, communities, health professionals and government, to address factors that affect health, such as family, education, employment, and income.

Nova Scotians need access to "the right provider at the right time in the right place". The province is advancing patient-centred, team-based care in clinics and other settings across the province so that people have better access to primary health care professionals.

New ways of delivering services are making it easier for Nova Scotians to get help and are leading to a more balanced and strengthened health system. More and more care is being delivered through programs, services and supports that are unique and transformative, such as these: