Licensing & Leasing

Due to the on-going Licensing Policy Review, the Department is currently not accepting the following types of applications:

  • New Fish Buyer Licences (all species);
  • New Fish Processor Licences (all species);
  • Changes to existing Fish Buyer or Fish Processor Licences (i.e. species additions, authorized processing activities)

For additional information, or to request clarification on other licensing transactions, please contact Licensing Services via email at

Although the harvesting of seafood is generally regulated by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, it becomes the responsibility of the Province once the harvest reaches the wharf. The Province of Nova Scotia issues licences and permits to ensure that seafood is purchased, transported, stored, processed and sold in a manner that ensure the safety of consumers and maintains quality at every step in the chain.

Rockweed is harvested along Nova Scotia’s shoreline and is subject to regulations that ensure the sustainability and viability of this industry. In addition, Nova Scotia provides areas for dedicated leases to facilitate harvesting activities.

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