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Learn to Fish (L2F)

One of the department’s most popular activities is the interactive Learn to Fish (L2F) program. Learn to Fish teaches children the basics of sportfishing, along with ethics and environmental stewardship.

Held during the spring and summer of 2012, the L2F program taught more than 1,600 youth from a variety of backgrounds introductory angling skills. The program is geared towards youth in Grade 4 through high school. L2F programs are presented to schools, Cubs, Scouts, Girl Guides, 4-H groups, and youth at recreation day camps.

L2F is delivered by department staff and volunteers. The program consists of two main components: classroom presentations and outdoor lessons. Classroom presentations consist of an introduction to freshwater sportfish in Nova Scotia, habitat characteristics, basics of tackle, assembling a fishing rod, safety, ethics and respect, and health benefits from outdoor recreation. Outdoor lessons consist of a hands-on sportfishing workshop at a nearby lake.

Sponsors for the Learn to Fish program include Pure Fishing Canada, Shakespeare, Shimano, Berkley, Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Hants West Wildlife Association, Richmond County Wildlife Association, the Mark Weare First Cast Radio Show, and Halifax Wildlife Association.

The L2F program prepares the next generation of aquatic stewards by teaching safe and ethical angling skills to youth. The popularity of the program, and positive feedback from students and teachers, means organizers are busy planning for the next session.

For information, contact Inland Fisheries Division or call (902) 485-7021.

To download free program material:

Learn To Fish Program Video

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Amber Creamer
Sportfish Development Officer
Phone: (902) 485-7021

Becoming an Outdoors - Woman® (BOW)

The Inland Fisheries Division supports the Becoming an Outdoors - Woman® (BOW) program. This workshop primarily aimed at women but is an opportunity for anyone 18 years or older to learn outdoor skills - skills usually associated with fishing and hunting, but useful for many outdoor pursuits. Learn More

River Watch

River Watch is a community-based volunteer program encouraging anglers, landowners, industry, and other stakeholders to protect fish, fish habitat and the environment. The Tusket River Trout Unlimited Canada Charter of Trout Unlimited Canada organizes, promotes and runs the program on behalf of the province’s sportfishing division. Specifically, the program educates participants on our habitat and fisheries resources, as well as the proper observation, recording and reporting of violations affecting these resources. Learn More

Tackle Share

The Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture has partnered with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources to offer access to fishing equipment (rods, tackle, swivels, spinners, hooks, sinkers and bobbers) at six provincial parks across the province.

This program allows park campers and visitors to borrow equipment, purchase a fishing license and have a relaxing day by the water. If you would like to give sportfishing a try, please visit the main office of the park.

Participating parks include:

  • Mira River
  • Bolyston
  • Dollar
  • Laurie
  • Smiley's
  • Ellenwood