Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Building and Equipment Safety

The Department of Labour and Advanced Education ensures that electrical installations in the province are done per the Canadian Electrical Code. Installations are to be performed by properly qualified people under a wiring permit and inspected by the local electrical inspection department.

The department also monitors the sale of electrical items in Nova Scotia to ensure they are properly certified as approved equipment.

Administration of electrical safety is the responsibility of the Chief Electrical Inspector.

Safety Notifications

Safety Alert: imminent danger to a safety issue, that if not addressed will likely lead to health and safety consequences.

Safety Bulletin: non-imminent danger practices or procedures, which may have a level of safety risk if not addressed as soon as possible.

Safety Directive: an interpretation or application of the act, regulations or standards of the regulation, which require action. A Directive is legally binding and must be followed by the affected parties.

Safety Notice: informative, non urgent, proactive communication on safety issue.

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