Electrical Safety

Adoption 2002 Canadian Electrical Code : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Building and Equipment Safety

Electrical Bulletin 2002-02

From: David MacLeod, P.Eng., Chief Electrical Inspector
Date: April 3, 2002

Subject: Adoption of the Nineteenth ( 2002 ) Edition of the Canadian Electrical Code Part 1

Effective May 1 , 2002 the Nineteenth ( 2002 ) edition of the Canadian Electrical Code ( CEC ) Part 1 ( C22.1-02 ) will come into effect for all of Nova Scotia as authorized by the Electrical Installation and Inspection Act and the associated Electrical Code Regulations.

To ensure uniformity in electrical inspections the code is adopted unamended. Bulletins are issued from this office and the electrical inspection authorities that provide clarity and direction on how various rules are interpretated and enforced and should be reviewed by all those that use the code.

Electrical installations which have commenced prior to May 1 ,2002 and where the plans were approved prior to May 1, 2002 may be inspected to the 1998 CEC. Where work starts or plans are submitted after May1 , 2002 design, review and inspections shall be per the 2002 CEC.

Many changes have occurred to the 2002 code. Sections 34,38,50 and 66 have been revised considerably to reflect new technology and industry practices, and to harmonize with the National Electrical Code and product standards. Requirements have been added per rule 26-722 ( f ) of the CEC for the installation of arc-fault circuit interrupters to protect branch circuits that supply receptacles installed in sleeping facilities of a dwelling unit.. Various other requirements were revised , particularly for heat tracing cables and luminaires, to continue efforts toward harmonization .

In addition significant changes were made to sections 0,12,18,20,24,26,30,54,62,70 and 72.

As in previous editions where a change to a section or rule has been made from the previous code the change is identified . In the 2002 CEC changes are identified by a small triangle located in the left hand margin.

It is recommended that those in the industry who use the code review all sections of the new 2002 CEC to become aware of the many changes and incorporate them into their design and installation practices.

All questions should be forwarded to the local electrical inspection authority or the Provincial Chief Electrical Inspector at 902-424-8018.