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Electrical Bulletin 2003-03

From: David MacLeod, C.E.I, P.Eng., Chief Electrical Inspector
Date: October 15, 2003

Subject: New Electrical Certification Organization

Per the Nova Scotia Electrical Code Regulations all electrical products sold or used in Nova Scotia shall be certified by a Certification Organization acceptable to the Chief Electrical Inspector.

Please be advised that effective November 1, 2003 TUV America Inc. will be accepted as an electrical certification organization in Nova Scotia within the scope of their accreditation.

In order for the product to be acceptable the certification label must have a small " c " at the eight o'clock position.

The certification label will appear as indicated below possibly without the " US " at times

TUV America In
The contacts for TUV America Inc are:
  • Ed Medros
    TUV America Inc.
    5 Cherry Hill Drive
    Danvers, MA 01923 USA
    Ph: 978-739-7089
    Fax: 978-762-8414
    E-mail: emedros@tuvam.com
  • Theresa Leffler
    TUV America Inc.
    1775 Old Highway 8 NW, Suite 104
    New Brighton, MN 55112 USA
    Ph: 651-638-0255
    Fax: 651-638-0295
    E-mail: tleffler@tuvam.com