Electrical Safety

New Electrical Certification Body : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Building and Equipment Safety

Electrical Bulletin 2006-02

From: David MacLeod, C.E.I, P.Eng., Provincial Chief Electrical Inspector

Date: February 28, 2006

Subject: New Accredited Electrical Certification Organization / Body

Per the Nova Scotia Electrical Code Regulations all electrical products sold or used in Nova Scotia shall be certified by a Certification Organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and be acceptable to the Provincial Chief Electrical Inspector.

Please be advised that effective March 1, 2006 Omni-Test Laboratories Inc. will be accepted as an electrical certification organization in Nova Scotia within the scope of their accreditation for electrical items.

In order for the product to be acceptable in Nova Scotia the certification label must have a small "c" at the eight o'clock position which indicates compliance to the applicable Canadian standard.

The contact for Omni-Test Laboratories is:

Ms. Alana Smith
Accreditation Manager
Omni-Test Laboratories
Beaverton, OR 97075
Tel: (503) 643-3788
Fax: (503) 643-3799
Email: asmith@omni-test.com

The certification mark that must appear directly on the product is as indicated below.
The small "c" as indicated must always be present as shown next to certification mark.

Omni-Test Laboratories

Any questions regarding the certification of any electrical equipment contact the Provincial Chief Electrical Inspector at 902-424-8018.