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New Regulations Regarding Communications Cable Installations : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Building and Equipment Safety

Electrical Bulletin 1999-01

Date: October 6, 1999
Subject: Changes to the Electrical Code Regulations Regarding the Installation of Communications and CATV Cables and the Certification of Communications Cabling Specialist
From: David MacLeod,P.Eng. Chief Electrical Inspector

Recent changes have been made to the Electrical Code Regulations (hereafter referred to as Regulations) with regard to the above subject.

Persons may apply to the Department Of Labour to become certified as a Communications Cabling Specialist should they meet the requirements as outlined in the Regulations and the application for the certification.

Holders of this certificate shall be allowed to obtain communications cabling permits from the local inspection departments for which a permit shall be required to do all cabling work with regard to communications systems,as defined in the Code,and with regard to CATV cabling.

A more detailed Scope of Work and General Guidelines regarding the certificate and what can be done under this certificate can be found in Appendix 'A' of the application for certification.

All work regarding the installation of communications and CATV cables shall require a permit except where exempt as indicated in the Regulations. All Utilities are exempt from the Regulations when performing work as a utility.Utility work is considered to stop at the demarcation point within a building at which time all work beyond that requires a communications cabling permit.

Certified construction electricians who meet the requirements of the Regulations and as explained in the application have until March 1,2000 to obtain their communications certificate.

As of October 5,1999 all inspection departments shall issue a communications cabling permit to a holder of a communications cabling specialist certificate or a certified construction electrician.

As of March 1,2000 all inspection departments shall issue a communications cabling permit only to a holder of a communications cabling specialist certificate. For any questions or further clarification contact:

David Macleod,P.Eng.,Chief Electrical Inspector at 902-424-8018.