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Open Letter

To: All Installers of Lightning Protection Systems
From: David MacLeod, C.E.I., P.Eng., Chief Electrical Inspector
Date: March 3/03

Subject: Repeal of Lightning Rod Act and associated Regulations

As of February 28/03 the Lightning Rod Act and associated Regulations are repealed ( no longer in force or applicable ).

Therefore a License and a bond is no longer required to install Lightning Protection Systems in Nova Scotia.

The method of installing Lightning Protection Systems is now addressed in the new Fire Safety Regulations.

The following is an unofficial excerpt from those regulations indicating the new procedure.

  • 6.9 Lightning Protection Systems
  • 6.9.1. Lightning Protection Systems
  • Installation
    1. Every person who installs a lightning protection system shall install it in accordance with CAN/CSA-B72 "Installation Code for Lightning Protection Systems".
    2. A fire official may, at any reasonable time, require any person who sells, offers for sale, installs or maintains lightning protection systems, to supply information, including samples of materials, that explain the method of installation used to install the lightning protection system.
    3. Every person who installs a lightning protection system shall, within 30 days after the date the installation is completed, send a certificate of installation to
      1. the person for whom the installation was carried out, and
      2. the Fire Marshal

A " fire official " is a person as defined in the Fire Safety Act.

Certificates of installation are required for each installation and shall be a letter signed by the installer indicating the following information:

  1. The installer's name and phone number
  2. The site's civic address and a description of the structure for which the lightning protection system was installed and the site owner's name and phone number.
  3. The date the work was performed
  4. Indication whether it is a new installation, addition or repair
  5. A statement by the installer indicating the installation complies with the CSA B-72 installation code.
Certificates of installation can be mailed to:
Office of the Fire Marshal
Halifax, NS
B3J 2T8
Attn: Chief Electrical Inspector

Certificates of installation sent to the Office of the Fire Marshal are for record purposes only.

Installations shall be installed per the most recent edition of the CSA B-72 code which at present is the 1998 revised edition and may be updated at any time in the future. So continue to check with CSA every few years to ensure you have the most recent copy.

The Fire Safety Regulations will be available soon on the government website at Consolidated Nova Scotia Regulations in which you can search for the Regulations through the Fire Safety Act or through the Department of Labour and Advanced Education site.

Copies of the CSA B -72 Installation Code for Lightning Protection Systems can be purchased through Canadian Standards Association ( CSA ) Phone: 416-747-4000 or check their website at: Canadian Standards Association ( through the online store and catalogue search for the subject " lightning protection " ).

Should you have any questions you can call me at 902-424-8018.