Procedural/Policy Statements

(indexed by issue to Section of Trade Union Act)

The following policy and procedural statements issued by the Labour Relations Board (Nova Scotia) have been grouped according to Sections listed in the Trade Union Act. Each statement has been assigned a nine digit number which refers to the current numbered Section of the Act, the actual number of statements issued for the Section to date and the year of their issuance.

A notation (TBA) has been inserted after those policy/procedural references where the particular statement is under review or subject to further clarification.

The Labour Relations Board and Construction Industry Panel regularly issue reasoned decisions with its Orders which are available from the Board/Panel database. The reasoned decisions offer further explanation and background information on the way the Board interprets the provisions of the Act and Regulations. These decisions are available from the database administered by the Research Division.

Policy and Procedural Statements
I. Section 16 - Composition and Operation
1.1 Board Composition 016-001-095
1.2 Procedural Ruling Cape Breton Regional Municipality 016-002-098
1.3 Procedural Ruling (Bias Ruling) CBRM 016-003-098
1.4 Procedural Ruling Can-Am (Ropak) 016-004-098
1.5 Procedural Statement (Pre-Hearing Meetings) (PDF: ! File not found) 016-005-099
1.6 Policy Statement on Withdrawal/Dismissal Orders 016-006-001
II. Section 23 - Certification
1.1 Hospital Bargaining Units - 1973 023-001-073
1.2 i Hospital Bargaining Units - 1981 (reaffirm) 023-002-081
ii Bargaining Unit Amendment 023-003-095
1.3 University Bargaining Units 023-004-095
1.4 Part-Time vs Casual Employees 023-005-095
1.5 Statutory Freeze 023-006-095
1.6 Certification 023-007-095
1.7 Examination Procedures (PDF: ! File not found) 023-008-098
III. Section 25 - Vote of Employees
1.1 Time Bars 025-002-095
1.2 i Secret Ballot (PDF: ! File not found) 025-004-090
IV. Section 28 - Amendments
1.1 Amendments 028-001-095
1.2 Examination Procedures (PDF: ! File not found) 028-002-098
V. Section 35 - Failure to Negotiate
1.1 Statutory Freeze 035-001-095
VI. Section 53 - Unfair Labour Practice
1.1 Arbitration 053-002-095
VII. Section 92 - Interpretation
1.1 WORK and the EMPLOYER in the Construction Industry (PDF: ! File not found) 092-001-001