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Significant habitats include;

  1. sites where species at risk or other species of conservation concern can be found and/or;
  2. sites where unusually large concentrations of wildlife occur and/or;
  3. habitats that are rare in the province.

The maps and data base only include sites known to staff of the Department of Natural Resources or sites that have been supplied by knowledgeable naturalists, museums, universities, the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre and other government departments.

The maps and data base are not the results of a thorough survey and should not be considered a list of all the significant habitats in Nova Scotia.

You can submit sites you know for possible inclusion in the map and data base by completing a report form.

For more information about these sites, please contact the regional biologist servicing your area of interest through your local office of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables. A use and distribution policy document is available in Adobe pdf format (16 kb).

For an explanation of feature codes used with the Significant Species and Habitats Maps and Data Base click here.

For more information and assistance using the application please contact the Habitats Program

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Download ArcView Shapefiles - (UTM, NAD83, Zone 20) last updated March, 2016.