OHV Infrastructure Fund Application Procedure


Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Expression of Interest Application (PDF)
  2. Applications must be post marked by the deadline date for each round.
  3. A complete original program application form, signed by two signing officers of the organization, must be submitted
  4. This is not a guarantee that funding from this program will be forthcoming
  5. In certain cases, the OHVIF Committee reserves the right to require additional information that may be necessary for the review of the application
  6. Applicants must provide details on all sources of funding, including users fees, if applicable.  If estimated values of donated materials, equipment and/or labour are to be used, they should be based upon fair market costs.
  7. In kind contributions may be eligible upon application submission.
  8. *NOTE - Catastrophic Trail Maintenance:  In the event of emergencies, funding can be applied for on an ongoing basis.

Application Review and Response Process

  1. A committee consisting of representatives of the OHVIF Committee will review all applications based upon the completeness of the application, the quality of the project and to what degree it furthers the implementation of the government’s OHV Action Plan.
  2. The review process and awarding of funds may take a number of months.
  3. Successful applicants will be notified in writing outlining the details of the grant.
  4. Grant recipients will be required to demonstrate fiscal responsibility throughout the project.
  5. Projects receiving funds must be completed within the proposed timeframe(s)
  6. Initial funding installments of up to 80 per cent of the approved grant can be made, subject to evidence of reasonable project progress.  All projects are subject to a 20% holdback until proof of completion of the project
  7. Under extraordinary circumstances, where hardship can be demonstrated, other payout arrangements can be made.
  8. Grants may be paid out in installments over several years.
  9. The Recipient of a grant must keep all records, invoices and other documents relating to the project in a consistent manner and must maintain these records for seven full calendar years following the completion of all project reporting requirements.  All financial records must be available for audit at any time. Log sheets
  10. If the applicant uses donated or discounted materials, equipment and/or labour as part of their contribution, detailed records are required.  Samples of log books will be supplied.
    OHV Infrastructure Fund Grant Logbook Sheets - Donated Equipment, Materials, and Labour (PDF)
  11. If the applicant uses donated or discounted materials, equipment and/or labour as part of their contribution, detailed records are required.
  12. Final grant payment is made on the completion of the project. The recipient must submit a signed Financial Statement Report Form (PDF) to the OHVIF Committee. The financial statement report form must be supported by original receipts and completed logs, if applicable. A site visit and inspection by representatives of the OHVIF Committee may be required, prior to the payment of the final installment of the grant.
  13. If actual costs are less than the original estimate, the amount of the grant is reviewed and revised accordingly. Grants will not exceed the direct cash requirements of the project.
  14. If, for any reason, an organization is unable to proceed with a project, or needs to make substantial changes to a project as outlined in the application and in the Minister’s letter of commitment, the Ministerial Advisory Committee must be informed in writing as soon as possible. Changes to the purpose of the project are not permitted without prior approval from the Ministerial Advisory Committee.
  15. The recipient must recognize the Off Highway Vehicle Infrastructure Fund ( i.e.; logo ) contribution in local media or promotional coverage of a funded project. The recipient must agree to post promotional signage if provided by the OHVIF Committee and its contribution.
  16. These requirements will be reviewed periodically and criteria may change.