Who can ride on off-highway vehicle in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotians 6 years-of-age and older may operate an OHV, however specific conditions must be met particularly around safety training, riders under 16 years-of-age, and for OHV rallies.

Safety Training Requirements

To legally operate an OHV in Nova Scotia many operators must obtain a safety training certificate.


You are exempt from the requirement to take safety training if you:

  • Were 19 years or older before April 1, 2006 (born before April 1, 1987); and,
  • Purchased an OHV before April 1, 2006; and,
  • Registered an OHV on or before September 30, 2007; and,
  • Have a valid driver’s license; and,
  • Are not a parent/guardian of an operator under 16 years old.

Note, if you are exempt your spouse/partner is also exempt. 
You are also exempt if:

  • You have proof that you passed a Canada Safety Council OHV Course (1991 or later);
  • You are an employee who is using the OHV in activities relating to your job, your employer complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and ensures that you are a competent user of OHV equipment or provides training if you are not;
  • You are self-employed (for example, farmer, fisher, forest worker while using OHVs for your work), except Guides (for example, any person, who for compensation or reward received or contracted for, supervises and assists another person who is operating on OHV for recreational purposes);
  • You are a federal, provincial, or municipal government employee or peace officer while engaged in activities related to your duties; or,
  • You operate a golf cart on a public or private golf course.

If you are not exempt, you must obtain a safety training certificate to be able to ride.