Financial Services & Funding Programs

Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year, $3.5 billion investment which includes $1 billion for federal activities and programs, and $2.5 billion in cost-shared programs delivered by provinces and territories on a 60-40 basis. The partnership will provide $46 million for programming in Nova Scotia.

Limestone Trucking Assistance Program

The Limestone Trucking Assistance program aims to help Nova Scotia farms defray the cost of trucking limestone to give equal opportunity neutralizing the acidity of the soil on agricultural land and improve production efficiencies.

Business Risk Management (BRM) Programs for Farmers

Business Risk Management (BRM) programs are in place to help farmers protect their income and manage risks such as drought, flooding, low prices, and increased input costs.

Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission

The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission supports Nova Scotia’s rural economies through the AgriInsurance program.

Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board

The Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board offers loans to help farmers buy or improve property; buy machinery, quota or stock; refinance; and expand or switch to more profitable types of farming.

Other Programs

Other financial programs such as our School Milk program.