Infectious Disease Expert Group

Infectious Disease Expert Group


The need for enhanced communication and planning around the prevention and control of infectious/communicable diseases has been identified. Nova Scotia has responded to recommendations for better integration and coordination of health protection functions by introducing integrated Public Health Responsibility Centres, creating a provincial centre for Infection Prevention & Control (IPCNS) and a provincial Public Health Lab Network (PPHLN).

The Infectious Diseases Expert Group (IDEG) is key to this collaborative and integrated approach to prevention, control, and outbreak management of infectious diseases at all levels of the health system. It provides a vehicle for experts to review evidence-based information and advise on the identification, prevention, control and outbreak management of infectious/ communicable diseases. This forum also provides links and feedback to other provinces and national groups for addressing emerging issues of concern.



IDEG is an independent advisory committee that will, through the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), provide evidence based advice on the prevention and control of infectious/communicable diseases in Nova Scotia to the Department of Health and Wellness.

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