Collaborative Emergency Centres

Primary Health Care

Collaborative Interdisciplinary Teams

More Nova Scotians will be able to see "the right provider at the right time in the right place" through collaborative teams of health care providers.

The province is investing in new and expanded teams particularly in communities where access to primary health care is a challenge -- where people are waiting for weeks to visit a provider or going to the Emergency Department instead. 

Like many provinces and countries, in Nova Scotia we are shifting from a traditional patient-doctor relationship to a Collaborative Interdisciplinary Team approach. The teams will look different in different communities and may include doctors, nurse practitioners, family practice nurses, paramedics, midwives and/or mental health workers. They work together in collaborative emergency centres (CECs), collaborative care clinics, and community health centres

By working together, these professionals can provide timely, appropriate, responsive, continuous and comprehensive care that promotes good health and quality of life for Nova Scotians.

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The province is investing in teams by offering continuing education and development opportunities and by working through legislative and regulatory changes to optimize the role of these providers in primary health care settings.

The Family Practice Nursing Education Program is available through the Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre.

All healthcare team members have access to continuing education programs. The program is called Building a Better Tomorrow Together (BBTT). Teams work with facilitators to determine their needs and select from a series of 12 topics which are delivered in a facilitated interactive environment.

For more information about BBTT please go to Resources for Health care Providers.