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The Labour Relations Board administers certain sections of the Trade Union Act and the Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act. The Construction Industry Panel is a division of the Labour Relations Board and deals with labour relation issues that arise in the construction industry.

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The Labour Relations Board ("Board") and Construction Industry Panel ("Panel") process applications and complaints, assist in the resolution of disputes, and hold hearings to adjudicate matters. The Board addresses matters arising under Part 1 of the Trade Union Act as well as under certain sections of the Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act. The Panel administers Part II of the Trade Union Act which sets out some special procedures for the construction industry. The Regulations to the Trade Union Act set out the processes parties must follow to pursue actions before the Board or Panel.

The Board and Panel are independent and impartial tribunals. They are tripartite in structure which means the panels are composed of equal numbers of labour and management members and an impartial Chair or Vice Chair. While the Trade Union Act states the Board will sit as five (5) members, it has become an accepted practice to convene Boards comprised of three (3) members. All Board and Panel members are part time.

Normally the Board and Panel conduct hearings in Halifax but will consider requests to hold hearings in other areas of the Province. Such requests would be subject to reasons of extenuating circumstances. Regular hearing hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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